Children doodle and draw the most amazing things – things we want to keep forever and remember. The first time they write their name,

that family portrait...  (I can't be the only one with shoe boxes full of precious artworks... pipe cleaner creations, egg box monsters ...)

You can make your H&T bag super special by adding a doodle, drawing, hand written name or heart felt message, or for a more traditional approach a set of initials.

Get in touch at with your ideasWe can discuss your ideas, pricing, time frames and then create a visual for

you to approve.

After this a metal tool is made which our factory will then use to hand emboss with heat and gold foil onto your bag. We can use gold or silver foil - or you can have a blind (no colour) emboss.

We can personalise nearly all of our bag collection - solid colours work best.

Please note that this is heat applied gold foil and as you handle, wear and use your bag or card holder it may fade.